GetGlue Tops 3 Million Users; Releases Reimagined Guide for TV, Movies, and Sports

GetGlue, the leading app for social tv and the second screen, is pleased to announce that it has grown to a community of 3M entertainment fans that have collectively contributed 500M check-ins, likes, and reviews for television and movies.

GetGlue is also announcing a significant product update called GetGlue HD, focusing on discovery on the first and second screens. The update features a reimagined guide for shows, movies, and sports, which changes the way people discover what to watch. Additionally, GetGlue will now bring users the best related content about their favorite shows to the second screen.

A New Kind of Guide

The GetGlue update comes with a reimagined guide to help viewers find what shows, movies, and sports to watch.

Traditional guides display a grid of hundreds of impersonal choices. Instead, the new GetGlue guide is a simple, personalized list of shows, movies, and sports users already like and watch. The guide always prioritizes what to watch right now: the new episodes bubble up above the reruns, fans can see what their friends are watching right in the guide, and users get recommendations for shows that match their tastes.

The new GetGlue guide is not a grid; it is a personalized calendar for what to watch. As users scroll through it, they see new episodes of shows for tomorrow, a summary of what is on for them this and next week, and a calendar view of key premieres, finales, and major events like the Emmys, Oscars, and the Super Bowl.

This reimagined guide is not just smart about television shows. Sports fans can see their favorite teams’ schedules, stats, and live scores right in the guide. On the weekends, the guide recommends new movies in theaters that match users’ tastes. They can also use the guide to discover shows and movies to watch on streaming services like iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon. The guide also comes with a flexible search that helps people find listings, teams, movies, genres, channels, and more.

A New Kind of Second Screen

After users discover what to watch, they check-in and are taken to a new kind of second-screen experience. Users can still connect and chat with friends and other fans while watching TV. In addition to chatting, users discover videos, images, tweets, and reviews - the best content about their favorite shows.

Instead of going to many different sites and having to get clips, episode images, tweets from talent, and show recaps, fans can now enjoy all this content aggregated on GetGlue into a single feed. The content comes from official channels and can be upvoted by friends and fans, helping the best content bubble up.

GetGlue HD is available immediately on the iPad and will come out on the iPhone, Android, mobile site, and later in the fall.

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